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Moe Lewis

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April 2023

Moe Lewis is a mixed media artist with strong affections for digital, colored pencil, fiber arts, printmaking, and sculpture. Born in California, he moved to Virginia when he was five, and lived there throughout most of his life. Upon graduation, he moved to Maine for a year, before returning to his college town, where he currently resides and works. He dreamed of being an artist throughout his childhood, and was constantly doodling, drawing, and making crafts, receiving ribbons at the Virginia State Fair for several years for his different works. He received a small scholarship from George Mason University’s School of art, where he would later graduate with honors and receive a BFA in New Media with a Concentration in Animation in 2021. He is working to branch his professional works into different, more unconventional mediums in hopes of expanding the public's understanding of art as well as blurring the lines we use to separate handicraft and art.

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