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Tessie Van Dyke

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April 2023

Tessie Van Dyke graduated from George Mason University’s School of Art in the spring of 2020, as Covid-19 began to change the world as we knew it. Stuck in a strange limbo of unemployment and unfinished college plans, they turned to art as a form of therapy. After a year, they managed to find a position working as an urban farmer, setting them off onto their current path of growing and working with the Earth. In February of 2022, they decided to come back to dance to further improve their health after having been admitted to the hospital the previous fall. Though it took another hospital visit, they now pole-dance as their main form of artistic expression. Tessie has previously shown with Mason Exhibitions “Art and Design Senior Show” online in May of 2020. In their time at university, they created many large sculptural objects out of plaster and textiles, including whimsical pieces such as “Nose Salon”, and “Backpack Boy”.

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